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Free Iphone 3G Games


 There are over 100,000 existing game iphone 3gs apps in Apple store free and sold. Online games have its downside and advantages. Some advantage allows simulation of technical, sociological, ecological and dynamics of real life scenarios. Studies show too much triggers brain malfunctions such as ADHD, Aspersers syndrome and addiction. find iphone 3gs apps

 Apple came up with high resolution platforms to host online games saving your eyes and possible defects by setting up fast online satisfaction thus allowing completion of games faster. Elimination of image retention and motion blurs suggests fast feedback prompt response from players minimizing glares that harms the eyes caused by static displays. Exhibiting non pixel conformity and fading in between switching screen displays is harmful and strains the eyes. Good lighting and advance screen technology sets gaming further when explored in Apple devices. Superior gaming experience satisfies the players senses by advance accelerators and GPS navigation technology, touch screen, 3D graphics and audio unique to IOS. Better device interaction provided by the device made it to 54 million game users and some applications are reported to sell 20times more on apple than other counterparts. Some advantageous and widely use free online games in apple are puzzle games, online casino games and strategy games. Puzzle games are effective teasers relieving you from hours and hours of nonstop working. Most downloaded Free Iphone 3G puzzle games is Bejeweled Blitz, it became so popular that people access social media sites such as facebook to play. This puzzle game is user friendly and quite simple that relieves tension and channels your energy strained by prolonged working. It is extremely easy to set up and the fast 60 seconds game interaction allows player satisfaction in a limited time span. Other free Iphone 3G games are cube, flow free, tic-tac-toe and etc. The Candy Crush Saga seemingly had taken over on IOS application down loads. Popularized by Facebook Candy Crush Saga players and published by, this game is favored by many. Exciting tools, names and boosters are incorporated to this game making it exciting. best nexus apps


 Free Iphone strategy games popular are Temple run, Tap Tap Revenge, Angry birds, Subway surf and so much more. Temple run is a favorite among kids while adults enjoy using the Untangle Maniac, Farmville, Zombie Master, World War Live, Sega games and sports game applications (Ibasketball, Igolf, etc.). Final Fantasy Tactics (The War of the Lions) comes to Ipad. This strategy game is one of the deepest games released using 3D polygonal upgradable characters. It is a role playing game allowing epic game play. Originally released for play stations this console is intriguing and keep most players hooked for galaxy games download


 An online casino game on the other hand allowsplayer the experience without the risk of losing. While there are over 200 online casino games available for Iphone, Poker Free, Blackjack Free, Keno Gems and many more. These applications allow the user a simulated experience of jacking around casino tables, passing time from extensive work and boredom at no cost. They are equally satisfying and entertaining just gear toward your Iphones App store via ITunes or your App store shortcut Icon. (Source:,,

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